Photo I took during our first trip to RMNP as “Coloradans”

I love this picture because it totally reminds me of my journey to Colorado, or what I would’ve pictured it to be. A winding picturesque road into the snowy mountains.

Most of it actually looked like this, though…

Thank you for the photo.

And isn’t that just life? You think you know just where things are going and come to find out you had no idea.

My husband, Sonny, had been looking for a pharmacist position in Colorado for about a year, but the job market was crazy (and still is).  One fateful day in April he finally got a call for an interview.  He got through a first round Skype interview, and after that the rest of the month was a whirlwind.  We flew to Denver for a 2-day trip.  Sonny interviewed in-person and shadowed at Swedish Medical Center while I searched for apartments.  We got to enjoy happy hour together at a fun little Mexican restaurant in Cherry Creek (with a view of the mountains!), and even got to go to one of our favorite breweries in Colorado–Avery.  All in all, it was an amazing trip, and we both felt confident that soon we would call Colorado home.  Shortly thereafter, Sonny got the call and was offered a job at the hospital! We quickly worked out logistics–solidifying an apartment to rent, searching for cross country movers, packing.  Did I mention we were also planning our wedding at that time? We returned to Pennsylvania in July 2014 and got married at the White Barn.  It was perfect, mostly thanks to my very organized and talented mom.  We couldn’t have pulled it off without her!

May 1st we left for Colorado.  We drove for 16 hours the first day and made it all the way to Kansas.  I have a little problem with long car rides–they put me to sleep! I remember I kept drinking red bull & five hour energy to the point where I was having palpitations and stopping every hour to pee, but my eyes were still wanting to close! Needless to say I was so happy when we arrived at our first stopping point.  We got back on the road early the next morning for a comparatively short 6 hour drive to Denver. The elevation in Denver is 5280, so I thought I would be driving up mountains to get there, or at least some hills but nada.  It was so flat, and there were cornfields galore! Definitely not what I expected.  When we finally saw the Rockies in the distance I called Sonny (we drove separately so we could take both of our cars) to make sure it wasn’t a mirage!  They were so beautiful.  As we got closer to the city I was completely stunned and awestruck by the view of the mountains.  I vowed to myself to never take that image of God’s creation for granted, no matter how long I live in Colorado.

When we finally arrived I had butterflies in my stomach. What an exciting new adventure that I was setting off on with my best friend.  It was beautiful, sunny,  & 80*F.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

Not used to the sun yet!

We pulled up to our new apartment, got OUR keys to OUR apartment TOGETHER.  I’d never lived with anyone besides my family, college roommate, and of course my yorkiepoo, Birkley.  I remember looking at my fiance and saying “We live together!” He said, “Yep, and your stuck with this mug for the rest of your life.”  :)  Still stuck with his mug and he’s stuck with mine… We ran up to our apartment on the third floor.  I was out of breath! It takes awhile to get used to the altitude.  After checking the place out we brought up the few “essential” things we had packed. After all, we had hired a cross country mover and our stuff would arrive within the next few days.

Six weeks later our stuff still had not arrived.  Let me tell you what I’ve learned about cross country movers…don’t …just don’t.  After countless phone calls, terrible customer service, and speaking with a lawyer, the company agreed to reimburse all of our money if we would sign a paper agreeing not to report them to the better business bureau, or post any bad reviews about them on social media.  Sonny and I are so blessed to have the most amazing and helpful family.  Sonny’s mom and aunts drove to a warehouse in Ohio where they were able to find a good majority of our belongings and load it all into a pod which was then shipped and dropped off at our apartment in Colorado.  When I say the majority of our stuff, I mean the moving company also stole a Mac computer & my dad’s old acoustic guitar that he had given to me.  When our stuff finally arrived, I had never been so happy to sleep in a real bed again! I told Sonny’s mom that I was going to stay in it for a whole day just because I could.  So the moving wasn’t the best, but–first world problems…

One of the first things we did when we got to Colorado was go to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

Sonny purchasing his first national park pass. Yes, we were excited enough to take a photo!

First park map!

We were so in awe of God’s beautiful creation.  If you have ever read The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis & John Eldredge (I HIGHLY recommend it), we felt that we knew at that moment exactly what it was to be romanced by God.  That feeling in your chest when you are just amazed, speechless–that is God showing his love for you through his creation.  I’ve never felt so connected as when I just stood there in the quiet, enjoyed the crisp mountain air blowing through my hair, and admired the beauty of the mountains.  I knew this is where we needed to be.

Mountain Selfie...we had to.

Mountain Selfie…we had to.

All of that being said, as much as we love Colorado, as much as we know this is where we need to be right now, it doesn’t make leaving the people and relationships we had in Pittsburgh any easier.  I try to remind myself that I haven’t left the people or relationships emotionally, we just aren’t as close geographically.  Being far away physically is hard though!! I miss and love my friends & family so much.  Why have we not invented teletransport yet???

Last Supper with some of our closest friends the night before we left for Colorado

One other thing about me, I love inspirational quotes…they inspire me.  Maybe they will inspire you too…

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard? -Winnie the Pooh

Written by Amanda


Katie Conaway

So beautifully written! It is ever so hard not having you close, but it’s only a geographic distance. Lots of love from the ‘burgh and congrats on your first post!

Mary Rust

Amanda-Thanks for making us feel like we are with you. We miss you every day, but what’s important is that you and Sonny are happy! Love you both always and forever!


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